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I began working with Bill several years in advance of selling my condo. Knowing I had definite plans to retire and move out of state within a few years, Bill spent many hours educating me about the process of selling a home and how to update and improve to enhance the sale. He provided expert advice, support, and a breadth and depth of knowledge that amazed me. His patience and good humor over a two-year time frame helped me to be able to act quickly when I found the perfect home to buy in Michigan and set the whole process in motion – with a successful outcome. Bill devoted an enormous amount of time & energy helping me through every facet of the sale, including the emotions of packing up a lifetime of possessions and preparing for the move. I cannot praise Bill enough regarding his honesty, conscientiousness, drive, and dedication to his clients. Bill sold my property fairly quickly despite the lull in the real estate market, and at the same time he counseled me on the long-distance purchase of my new home in Michigan! I am indebted to Bill for helping me through four (overlapping) major life stresses: retirement, selling a home, buying a home, and moving out of state! I have continued to keep in touch with Bill since my move a year ago, and will forever be grateful to him. He is a one-in-a-million realtor!

 - Anne E. Lawrence


I have used Bill's real estate services a number of times and do highly recommend him. But to know him is to appreciate how much of a full service real estate agent he really is. He does everything from soup to nuts & here is an example of that. Bill had a retired client with a giant CB antenna attached to his chimney. The owner told Bill he would have the antenna removed prior to the first open house. But when Bill stopped by to check on the progress of the work, he realized it was still there & was told the owner couldn't find someone willing to to remove it. Knowing it would have a serious financial impact on the sale and knowing every penny was going to count for this retired gentleman, Bill decided to take the matters into his own hands. So with neighbors looking on, Bill changed into his sneakers, rolled up his sleeves (and yes, still wearing a dress shirt and tie) climbed onto the roof with a wrench in hand and removed the giant antenna. I know for a fact Bill sold two more houses on Loretta Road after that, one of the owners telling me personally any agent who would climb a roof for their client got my business.

 - Cinda Rich


Bill Senior helped me prepare my house for sale and then sold it. Subsequently, he helped me find a new home. I cannot praise Bill highly enough. He is hardworking, ingenious, and honest. He cares deeply about his clients and places their interests and needs above his own. We have become good friends. I have recommended him to a number of people. He is always helpful and generous with his advice and assistance.

 - Professor Tzvi Abusch


My husband and I had the opportunity to work with Bill Senior on a total of four transactions. He worked with us to sell our first home 13 years ago. What still impresses us the most is remembering how Bill asked us to prepare our 1st home for sale. He suggested we move furniture around, paint a few worn areas & cosmetically update; and he even helped a little! At first we questioned his ideas, but realized quickly those changes and suggestions made by him significantly increased the appeal and value of our home. No other agent at that time mentioned updating or moving furniture to us and that was ten years before it became the thing to do, "staging and cosmetic renovation." Bill's suggestions, advice and negotiating skills proved to be completely beneficial in helping us get top market price. We sold that house on the first day at asking (which we actually increased after the work made us re-think our price.) On our next transactions, we didn't hesitate to choose him again. With the ever-changing market and based on his past work with us, we are confident you will make the right choice using Bill's services. If there is someone ahead of the rest in real estate, it is Bill.

 - John & Linda McNeil


Bill Senior sold my condo and sold me a condo. He is everything you could want in a real estate agent. He knows real estate but that is just the beginning. Bill is honest, smart, and reliable. He understands the guts of a house and the hearts of his clients.

 - Professor Martha Tolpin


I was purchasing a multi family investment property in a historic area of Hopkinton. With accepted offer in hand, I was nearing the end of a long 4 hour inspection which found very little to prevent me from proceeding: all except one. My agent Bill Senior, ignoring the inspector's visual acceptance of the septic design and location and the listing agent's statements of current and future compliance, kept questioning the use of the system. A day later Bill researched and discovered if I proceeded I would have been forced to completely change the septic system or keep the property as-is, which would then have far less investment value. Also being near a reservoir it would have cost in the $50k range for this change. And for all of Bill's work and discovery, totally dismantling a 'done deal' he instead received nothing more than my thanks. The good news was a few months later we did connect on another sale.

 - Capt. Dave Quinn, USAF Officer/Pilot


As a newly engaged couple 12 years ago, my husband and I didn't think we could afford to purchase a home. Bill, at the time a real estate agent of only a couple of years, managed to negotiate a great price giving us the opportunity to buy our first home. We are now in our third home, and Bill was our agent during the sale and purchase of each. Bill is a highly motivated, knowledgeable agent who is always willing to go above and beyond, using his expertise of the market to negotiate the best price, whether we were buying or selling. He always responded quickly to questions we had, always understanding our needs and time constraints. He found us our first home, a perfect starter home, and subsequently as our family grew, our second and third homes as we became a family of four. My husband and I would highly recommend Bill and trust him with any real estate transaction.

 - Kathy & Kevin Jeffers


We have bought and sold 3 different houses through Bill. Our first purchase was made during the height of the buying frenzy and we signed a commitment letter before we had enlisted Bill as broker or done our proper due diligence. Bill was able to extrapolate us from the commitment and we did end up purchasing that house for a lower price. We converted that two family into condominiums and sold it after a couple of years and Bill was instrumental in facilitating the condo conversion process along with the staging of the property, including construction work in one of the units. Since then, we have used Bill for our other real estate needs which have included address changes for a property, bridge loans and a number of other complicating factors. In all cases, we have found him to be not only professional in dealing with the 'normal' realtor responsibilities but always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to doing whatever it takes to end up with the most positive results for his clients. 

  - Greg Raines



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